Class Act Joins MTI's Summer Showcase

WHAT IS IT? The Summer Showcase is an opportunity for kids who miss performing to practice 1-2 songs from a pre-selected Disney musical and record them on Zoom to share with the world!

AGES: All ages welcome!

EXPERIENCE: None needed! This is fun! 


REHEARSAL: You practice and rehearse on your own, then record your own video and upload to social media!


Every 2 weeks, we will feature a different Disney Broadway Junior® show as part of a Summer Showcase. We invite you to show off your musical theatre talent and share your performances! You will be able to download 2 songs from each show AND a custom Zoom background, adding theatrical magic to your performance. Let your imagination and creativity shine. Film as many performances as you like and share the fun with your friends and family!

Be sure to share your videos on social media using #DisneySummerShowcase #ClassActTheatre and tag us @mtishows @classactmusicaltheatre



Kicking things off with Disney's Aladdin JR.! The individual assets are available below.

(Click the three dots by each song track to download the .mp3.) 

1. Rehearse: (Pick one or both)
Lyric Sheets: “Friend Like Me” and A Whole New World 

2. Perform: (When you are ready, record yourself singing.)

*Be sure you are playing the music over speakers so we can hear your wonderful voice and the music together!

Custom Background!

(Right click to download)

3. Post!

Post your performance video on your social media (Facebook, Instagram)

Use the hashtags: #ClassActTheatre and #DisneySummerShowcase

Use the tags: @classactmusicaltheatre and @mtishows !

Check back soon for our next showcase posting!

Friend Like Me (Practice)
A Whole New World (Practice)
Friend Like Me (Acc)
A Whole New World (Acc)

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